John Bucher is an influencer. He’s one of our most prolific contributors.
Your storytelling will be greatly improved if you follow the lead he offers.
— Charles B. Slocum, Assistant Executive Director, Writers Guild of America, West
John Bucher delivers. He’s a compelling communicator, an accomplished writer, and a creative strategist. He comes through every time. He’s earned my highest recommendation.
— Rob McCleland, President, John Maxwell Leadership Foundation
John has distilled the essence of storytelling, no matter the form...I was continually amazed at how he not only identified the unchanging principles of storytelling, but how he also conveyed their application.
— Collin Chang, Writer, HBO Asia Original Series, "Halfwords"

John Bucher is an award-winning communicator, writer, and mythologist based out of Hollywood, California. His work centers at the intersection of art and technology and is motivated by a belief in the power of story to change the journeys of individuals, communities, cultures, and nations.

He has worked with organizations ranging from HBO to The History Channel to A24 Films to DC Comics and has served as a writer and consultant for numerous film, television, and Virtual Reality projects.

John has an audience of more than 35K on Twitter and his blog is read by thousands in more than 70 countries each year. His work can be seen regularly on, in MovieMaker Magazine, on, and at

He is a frequent guest on the podcast circuit, appearing on shows such as The Vertigo Lounge (DC Comics Podcast). He is the author of The Inside Out Story (SSMG Press - 2015), Master of the Cinematic Universe: The Secret Code for Writing in the New World of Media (Michael Weise Publications - 2016), Storytelling for Virtual Reality (Routledge – 2017), and Story by the Numbers (SSMG Press – 2017)..

He co-hosts The Inside Out Story Podcast, The Westworld Watch, and The Deuce Drop & currently teaches at the LA Film Studies Center. A popular speaker, John has given talks on five continents and in his spare time is completing a PhD in Mythology and Depth Psychology.